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COVID-19 regulation made easy

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The next generation of sales and security

Laicos is a most advanced AI solution for analyzing customer behavior, small and extremely performant, it can be installed in just a few minutes. Laicos means social, it preserves the privacy of each individual and is compliant with the general data protection regulation laws (GDPR & CCPA) since all computing is done in real time on the nano Laicos Box. Results are available immediately via user-friendly interfaces or a RESTful API. People counting, analysis of customer behavior or a specific artificial intelligence customisation, its all possible, just contact us today.

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Customer.​Count NEW

The Laicos Customer Count app is designed to help maintain safety distance in all public areas, retail stores, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, theatres, schools, etc. Social distancing has become a top priority in the ongoing battle against Covid-19. Laicos with its unique AI algorithm delivers exact customer numbers to ensure that state recommended distance rules are respected for each hour of the day. Laicos is the right and most future oriented solution on the market.

Traffic light display

Regulate the customers queue at entrance.

One or multiple cameras track in real-time the exact number of customers entering and leaving a location or public area. Multiple entrances, exits and complete floors can be easily controlled by the system. All information is delivered to the Laicos traffic light display that regulates customer queue at entrance.

Digital Signage

Include your own digital signage experience within our traffic light display

The Laicos traffic light display allows the displaying of advertising and information to enhance customer experience at the Point of Sale. Laicos improves the interest for your products and enhances the spontaneous impulse to purchase.


Laicos Customer Analytics is a powerful app that tracks and analyses customer behaviour with specifically trained AI models. Laicos unique features will help you to get insights of your customers experience by means of location and time.

Responsive Content

Show content that is adjusted to spectators

Show adjusted content to a defined target (age, gender) and improve interest for your products / content. More product interest results in higher conversation/sales.

Position tracking

Record the exact position and walking distance of an individual person

Get motion analysis of your customers or count how many potential customers didn’t enter your location. Track and analyses targeted areas to understand how customers react to your product offering.

The most powerful POS Analytics

What our AI can do

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